Understand the best snus a tobacco alternative

In some Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, the use of snus is legal. While other countries consider the use of snus to be quite detrimental, these Scandinavian countries have established that snus has a considerable positive effect on the public’s general health. This discussion has spread widely, with many people supporting the legalization of snus (Snushjem.no). There is a substantial deal of support to this argument that makes it worthwhile for anybody who cares to listen. Although the claim may seem to wear a little bit thin, countries such as Switzerland and Finland have been pushing the claim that snus should be legalized for public health reasons. The central claim of this argument is that snus a form of less hazardous tobacco.

This claim goes ahead to present reasoning that if tobacco has the adverse effects that it is attributed to by active research, then snus, a lesser form of smoking, also has no cause to be made illegal. Ideally, snus has more secondary effects as compared to tobacco, and there is, therefore, no need to deny snus users a chance to do their snus at liberty.

According to the Director-General to the Swedish National Board that deals with Welfare and Health, snus is seen as an excellent smoking cessation aid (Snuslageret.no). For people who wish to quit smoking, snus presents a superb escape room or a less hazardous replacement. The idea here is to transfer tobacco users to a less harmful nicotine dependency. It is also worth mentioning other possible positive attributes that snus could have on a user. There is the excellent taste experienced by perpetual users as well as increased levels of concentration. Scientifically, it has been proven that users of snus have lower amounts of tar traces in their urine than tobacco users. These results are yet another positive tick for snus over tobacco.